That just sounds a bit alien and formal doesn’t it? “Welcome” Like you’re entering an amazing new world when really this is just a little corner of the Web and I’m sucking you into it.

I’m now on my third iteration of this paragraph and I’m going to say ‘fuck it’ from here on out and just write what comes to mind.  WARNING: there will be swearing and cussing and probably a fart joke at some point because I have two teen boys and that’s what half of my life is at this point.

The other half consists of fighting depression, suppressing the urge to hide in the bathroom when my anxiety gets to be too much,  and trying to raise my little men to be proper feminists.  I’m not always good at all three or even one of them on any given day.  It can be hard,  but then other days it can be surprisingly easy to forget all the shitty things and just enjoy life.  And that’s what I hang on to.

Things you won’t find on this blog:

-super parent tips (I barely survived the toddler years.  You’re on your own.)

-crafts to do in your spare time

-the latest health food craze

-political crap

Things you WILL find:

-random photography

-geekery galore

-lots of information on living with a mental illness that is so misunderstood most people would rather just write you off as crazy

-also,  my boys (They constantly remind me that you CAN laugh at everything and dear god some days I need that.)



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