For my uber stellar little People

You’re 17 and (almost) 15 now. And maybe this is an uber mom thing to do, but I’m going to give you some life advice. You can take it or leave it and I know it will mostly not make sense until you look back on it. I was a teen too once, like, forever ago; like 16 years ago. Lol. Okay so maybe this won’t be your traditional mom advice. I was after all the same age as Levi is now when I got pregnant and I learned a lot of things the hard way.

You are both very talented.

Quinn, your drawing has improved by leaps and bounds just in the last year. I love seeing everything you come up with and the weird little drawings you sometimes make (like the box llama). I know you love playing your trombone too and I’m very proud of how well you do in band. You are very intuitive and your love of science and astronomy benefits from that. Your inquisitive mind has always amazed me. You think up the most random questions then we all have a deep and/or silly conversation about the answers.

Levi, seeing you come up with your own programs now that you’re learning about video game creation and coding has been amazing. You take what you’ve learned then extrapolate it out into something so much more complicated. The fact that you don’t take yourself too seriously is also a rare quality. You know when it’s okay to laugh about yourself. You have a steady personality that doesn’t fly off the handle about little things.

So kiddos: you are smart, you are capable and I totally know you could figure these things out on your own, but I’m hoping to keep you from learning a few things the hard way. ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t worry about what kids at school say too much. It’s easy to get caught up in the gossip and drama of high school but in 10 years those people won’t be part of your every day life and you’ll find yourself wondering at times why you placed so much weight on their opinion.

Speak your mind, but never with malice. Stand up for your beliefs and morals. People may not like what you have to say and that’s fine. You may not like what they have to say.

Be a feminist. We had this talk a few nights ago and I was uber proud of how much you both know already.

Always repay your debts. Especially if it’s to a friend/family member. You have no idea how much this says about your character. And while we’re talking about loans…

Never lend someone more money than you can afford. If you’ll be alright financially if it never gets repaid then go ahead, but treat every loan as if you will never see that money again and it will save you so so so many problems.

Don’t take people for granted. Some day they won’t be there and you won’t get the chance to have that long conversation with them or have another adventure together. Always appreciate the now.

Don’t judge people you don’t know too harshly. Yes they may be a complete piece of shit, but wait until you know them better to form that opinion.

Don’t let other people dictate who you are. I very much believe you are both your own weird selves but it’s easy to lose yourself when you enter into a relationship or new friendship.

Don’t ever think that no one will understand what you’re going through. There are 6 billion people on this planet and chances are someone has had a similar experience. Besides the billions of strangers, you have family and friends who would gladly try to understand.

Travel. This will open your mind to many more things than if you stayed in one place your whole life. You will learn things you can’t get out of a textbook or online article. There’s plenty of time to save money and be an old fuddy duddy later.

Never give up your hobbies. No, you might not land your dream job. You might have to work in a stuffy office to make the bills, but when you get downtime do what you love.

Your heart will get broken but don’t let it break you. You are amazing people and you don’t need a significant other to make yourself worthwhile. If you have one, stellar. If not, stellar. There are so many more things to do in life so don’t focus too much on this one.

Take pictures.

Step on those crunchy fall leaves.

Listen to the silence on a winter morning after a fresh snowfall.

Buy that one really odd souvenir.

Don’t wait for other people if you want to have an adventure.

Dye your hair whatever color you want.

Never take crap from people who don’t matter.

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