My cat needs things his size

I have just caught Emmex digging all my drawers out of their drawer.
The other day he wrapped himself up in one of my bras.
My kitty either wants to dress up in my underthings or he has a proclivity for lacy material, particularly my lacy material.
I should probably start making tiny kitty underwear. Then he could wear things his size. And really, isn’t it annoying when your undies are a bit too big? They sag and bunch and don’t quite make you look as good as you thought they would, so I think he might appreciate it. Measuring him could be a problem though. He tends to squirm…hmm…
Eventually I think I could totally design a line of kitty lingerie. I could make money, Emmex wouldn’t keep trying to fit into my undergarments, and all the kitties that are curious or feel more comfortable in human clothing would be able to live their dream. It’s a win, win, win people.


Exactly the look he gave me when I caught him.

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