Iceland and whatnot

Iceland 2016 046

I have just come back from my dream vacation in Iceland. I bathed in the geothermally heated waters of a volcano, met fluffy Icelandic horses (squee!), walked in the footsteps of Vikings between tectonic plates in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at the place of the first parliament, saw geysers and seals and hot springs and tons of large and small waterfalls. I was the happiest I have been in probably 3 years.

So why THE FUCK am I so depressed right now?

It started after I got back home and my kiddos went to their dad’s so I was left alone, which I would normally be fine with after a week of never being alone. But this time it wasn’t.

Depression Lies. I keep telling myself that. I should still be riding the high of getting to go to the place I’ve been dreaming of for years. For an entire week I woke up without thinking I hate my life. But then it ended. I had to come back to my real life. And this is what it’s like in my head.

Any normal person would be perfectly happy right now.

Any normal person wouldn’t be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

…waiting for everything to go to crap, waiting to find out why I can’t be happy for long.

So I’m going through my photos over and over and reminding myself how awesome the last week was. I woke up to mountains every day. I visited the birthplace of Leif Eriksson. I got to spend a morning with horses whose breed hasn’t changed in 1000 years. I STUMBLED upon seals by the side of the road.

Iceland 2016 003

Iceland 2016 353


I’m so freaking happy I got to have all these experiences. It’s a beautiful country. And the birds every morning! It was so cool waking up to new bird songs. Knowing that I was walking in the same places that Vikings had gave me chills. The history of a place like that is amazing. We just don’t have stuff like that here in the states.

But I did miss my Emmex. I’m pretty sure he missed us too. He hasn’t left my side since we got back. 🙂


depression lies, depression lies, depression lies…

…and Vikings were awesome and Iceland is the most amazing country I’ve been to.

Iceland 2016 206

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