Two Shakes…..

I’ve been using the phrase “I’ll be there in two shakes” a lot lately. But today I got to wondering how long is that exactly?  And what amount of time does two shakes represent? And how do you define two shakes?
I know it’s short for two shakes of a lamb’s tail so that’s a starting point. So then the question is how is two shakes defined? Is it simply the back and forth motion of the tail or is it the act of shaking the tail twice? This could then translate into exponentially large amounts of time depending on how happy said lamb was or which breed of lamb you happen to be speaking of.  Do some breeds shake their tail more often? Would a depressed lamb not shake its tail as much? Could I be inadvertently saying I will be there in two shakes of a depressed lamb’s tail and actually never show up at all?!
I’m going to go have a third oatmeal stout and think of this some more.  Please feel free to comment with your interpretations.  🙂

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