You know those posts that you hem and haw about before posting then wonder for weeks after if you made the right decision?  If people are reading it and judging you (they are)? If someone will feel differently about you/hate you/see you as less of a person once they read it (most likely)? Yeah,  that was my last post.  Born in the fire of outrage and pure frustration it was a good rant.  But the part that bothers me the most (beyond the paranoia about seeking the approval of other people) is that it wasn’t as well thought out and argumentative as it could have been with facts and figures. I simply slapped words on the digital page (screen?). I didn’t put much effort into it and it showed. 
Okay,  yes,  this is simply a random blog that maybe five people read. No it’s not going to change the world, but I also want to be true to myself (and my love of arguing). So I’m going to try and revisit that post, more in depth and with (possibly) less swears to make a valid point that would hold up under scrutiny. Maybe do a poll of random people. (Oh geez, that would mean talking to strangers.  I don’t do so well there. Maybe an internet poll? ANYTHING to prevent the panic that comes with people interaction of the new variety.)
So that’s what I THINK I’ll be working on lately.  Maybe I’ll get distracted again.  Maybe I won’t.  We’ll see. 

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