Insert Tie Pun Here

I like ties. A lot. They’re fun and there’s so many ways to change them up. Skinny ties are my favorite because they look great with everything and never overshadow an outfit like a wide tie does. I love the way I look on the days I wear them too. Maybe it’s the knot (Youtube! Alex Krasny!) or the pairing of tie & skirt or tie & knee high boots…whatever.

Me today, fantastic tie included.

Anyway,  today I stopped for beer and peanut butter after work at the local grocery. (Stop judging me.) I really wanted to get rid of the change that was weighing my purse down so I decided I would pay entirely with coins. This is always a mistake. But here I was being optimistic because I was able to walk right up to the cash register (the one with a real person at it,  only a monster pays solely with coins at the self checkout. People chose this lane because it’s quick, Daryl!) and started counting them out while the previous person finished.

I thought I was good.  I would count my change while this other person paid and the cashier scanned my 2 things. I would be the fastest coin payer ever because I was prepared! Then stuff happened.  Another person with only 2 things came up behind me.  (Oh great,  now I’m going to look like an asshat because they thought this would be quick but some jerk lady in a tie decided she needed to pay with coins.) I start to get flustered, but only on the inside.  I’ve almost got all my coins counted out when the cashier scans the beer and asks for my ID. (No! You were supposed to scan the peanut butter first! Don’t reach past the first thing on the belt!) I had it ready and handed it to him. I try to finish counting.  Then he asks for my discount code.  (Dammit!) Okay,  I punch in my number and I look at the screen to see how much the total is. I’m about to finish counting when the chick bagging my 2 items compliments me.  In fact she said it twice because I didn’t react the first time.  “I like your outfit” she says motioning to my tie. I think I sort of turned and smiled at her. Did I say thank you?  I DON’T KNOW IF I SAID THANK YOU. The cashier is asking for the total.  $4.91. I knew I had about five bucks so I give up counting and dump my overflowing handful toward him. It registers that I am a failure at paying for things with only coins while the cashier counts my nickels and quarters and dimes (at least I didn’t use pennies). The girl is gone now so I can’t turn to her and make sure thank you comes out of my mouth. 
I leave the grocery in a mess wondering if it would be weird to find the girl and explain that I was thankful for the compliment.  I debate on the way home if I should turn the car around and talk to her.  I ruminate as I write this post of I should call the grocery and leave her a message.  (Omigosh.  Can I even go back there?!)

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