Gimli’s Travels

It started two and a half years ago.  I bought a Lego Gimli figure to take with me places because my dad had loved cosplaying Gimli and it was like taking him to all the places I had wanted to take him while he was still living.  

He was disabled, had a rough time getting around and when he did push himself he would pay for it later.  He still wanted to travel all over. When he was younger he spent his army days in Korea. His pictures were spectacular. I know he had always wanted to take my mom travelling but with 4 kids and a teacher’s salary it was too expensive. 

So when he passed I got uber sentimental and decided since I couldn’t take my dad places I would take Gimli.  

So I took him to Nepal.  

This is on the window sill of my guesthouse room in Kathmandu near Durbar Square.   I’m pretty sure that’s where I left him. Accidentally.  

I was so sad, but then I thought, hey maybe some person will find him and get a smile out of finding a Lord of the Rings character in such a random place.  And I knew my father would have enjoyed that too. 

The original plan had been to take the same Gimli everywhere, but I think this turned out so much better. 

So when I planned my Iceland trip I also wanted to get another Gimli to take with me.  A thoughtful coworker gave me a Gimli on a keychain so I didn’t have to search online.  

At the guesthouse in Ísafjörđur. 

And while snacking at the guesthouse outside of Reykjavík.  

I actually chose the place to leave him this time.  A cozy nook in a rock near a river where he could see the horses, hear the ocean and gaze upon the mountains. I carried him around until the last day of our trip so he was full of all our memories. 

I’m currently planning a UK trip.  I’ll be taking another Gimli to leave in a random location. 

I had to search harder this time because they’re getting scarcer.  I ordered 4 more just to make sure I would have a Gimli for a few more years.  

Regardless of if/when they run out I know my dad would get a kick out of knowing there will be random Lego people left all around the world because of him. 

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