The Drawer Incident

So, a few weeks ago I posted this photo online 

and complained my cat Emmex had made a mess of whatever feather stuffed thing he may have gotten into. (Spoiler alert: I don’t actually own anything stuffed with feathers except maybe an old coat but that’s packed away. Not my finest intellectual moment.)
Today,  I was at work and had this exchange with 16:

I was freaked out for a moment but work got busy,  people broke things they shouldn’t be touching and I completely forgot about the drawer warning.  

When I got home 16 was at work so I was all alone.  Yes! I thought. I’m going to burn some sticks and enjoy a beer on the deck! 

So that’s what I did.  No sooner had I posted this to Instagram where I hoped to receive approval for my languid summer eve,  than 16 texted again reminding me of the previously stated doom. 

I will give you three guesses as to what was in that drawer.  

If you guessed dead decaying robin congratulations! Your prize* will be mailed to you! 
*prize consists of dead bird plus bonus cardboard box

I contemplated attaching a picture but thought better of it because,  let’s admit it,  not everyone wants to see that.  

So now I have a free drawer for anyone who would like one.  Good for many uses: firewood, hitting wasps’ nests out of trees,  and the like.  Do not use it for utensils!

(And now I feel I should clarify: the drawer was empty & unused, and yes,  I had noticed a smell but I thought it was coming from the vent where Emmex likes to climb under the house and in an unreachable place so I sprayed some stuff that way and lit lots of incense.  Yes, lots of incense.)

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